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About Us

Crusader first aid training was founded in 2010, by two experienced freelance trainers, each with over 15 years training experience within the professional and voluntary sectors. Having established ourselves as a small company working under licence with FAIB (First Aid Industry Body we provide top-quality, reliable services at reasonable prices. Our working relationship with other training suppliers allows us access to additional specialist trainers, as well as additional first aid trainers and assessors as required.

From 2010 we have expanded our services to incorporate a full range of health and safety related subjects, the company name was reviewed in 2013 and changed to our current name "Crusader Training Services" to reflect this.

Experience and Qualifications

As trainers and assessors, we keep our operational skills updated by the fact that we are active members of the leading voluntary first aid provider in the UK. From a training perspective, our directors are Cert.Ed. qualified. This enables a considerably higher teaching qualification than required for these type of courses, ensuring that our training is amongst the best available.


At present we provide training to a variety of organisations including:

Essex County Council      Havering Council          Redbridge Institute

Newham Council              Viridian Housing           GLNE Scout Association

Mayfield School                Crownfield School        Godwin Primary School

Tower Hamlets Community Housing 

We offer a wide spectrum of training to meet Health and Safety Executive (HSE), Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and Ofsted Childcare Register (OCR) requirements, specialising in first aid but also being able to offer principles of manual handling, fire warden training etc.

A variety of training venues is available in central London, Rainham, Essex or at your own premises if you have suitable room(s) available. 

With a flexible approach, bespoke courses can be organised, as long as we ensure they remain within relevant government requirements, a service which may be beneficial to your organisation specifically.

Enquiries are very welcome for any specific training needs your organisation may have as we are sure we will be able to meet them at a competitive price and at a standard you will be impressed with. 

Christopher Beales Cert. Ed. MIfL

Company Director

David Brown Cert. Ed. MIfL

Company Director